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BONE PIVOT TOWN - " Your Passion in Fashion. Your Life in Modelling !! "

Bone Pivot Town (BPTOWN) is a town design by levin8388 (a.k.a LVN, a talented IMVU Pro Developer) for relaxing holidays, fashion modelling and enrich your IMVU chatting experience.

BOTOWN provides a CR STORE (IMVU credits sales service) and a very popular forum - Lvn Interest Group.

They provide weekly modelling events since 1st March 2007. In addition, each season IMVU users can group up a developer-model team to win IMVU credits awards from their season event.

Geographically, Bone Pivot Town is a halfly floating city located beside Valentine Sea. In 2007, white valentine beach and halloween cave will be accomplished. Join BPTOWN & Rock~!