About regnarts

"regnarts" is a backword of "stranger".

regnarts and imvu

IMVU was first introduced to regnarts by LevinKuok (a.k.a levin8388,LVN) in the end of 2006.

regnarts decided to become a part time IMVU developer under the encourage of LevinKuok and started to create stickers since the end of Jan 2007.

under the guide and support of LevinKuok, regnarts created his first beach furniture - The Pavilion that best using with the popular White Valentine Beach Room (created by LevinKuok) in April 2007.

Because of the good reviews and great support of many IMVU users for The Pavilion, regnarts released The Bar, The LiVilla and The TerracePool to complete the Beach Furnirue Series in July 2007. Two bundles for the Beach Furniture Series - Resort Honeymoon and Pool Villa were released then as 2007 summer sales special.

regnarts becomes a IMVU Pro Developer in July 2007.

regnarts | IMVU Credits was launced in end of 2007 and regnarts became a IMVU Registered Credit Reseller since March 2008.

regnarts created his 1st IMVU room - VALENTINE DE VILLA in Feb 2008. Later, five color version of Design Villa Room and Design Furnitures Series were completed in Aug 2008. 23 meshes of Design Furnitures Series were released for other content creators to derive. Until now, hundreds of derived version have been created by other content creators. Certain derived products were chosen as IMVU official bundles.

regnarts continues his creation in IMVU ...

Feel free to visit regnarts' homepage in imvu - avatars.imvu.com/regnarts